Past annual meetings


Date of meeting HLS Professors / Other guest speakers Topic of speech
March 23/24, 2012 Professor Henry E. Smith, Fessenden Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and Director of the Project on the Foundations of Private Law "The New Private Law"
Professor Dr. Felix Dasser, President of the Harvard Law School Association of Europe "Die Harvard Law School Alumni aus Sicht der Schweiz und der HLSA of Europe"
March 25/26, 2011 Professor David W. Kennedy, Director, Institute for Global Law and Policy "Regulation and Governance – and what Harvard Law School is doing in the area"
Professor Dr. Norbert Horn, Professor (em.) University of Cologne "The Euro Crisis and its Consequences"
March 19/20, 2010 Urs Gasser, Executive Director, Executive Director, CenBerkman ter for Internet and Society "Cloud Computing - Legal and Regulatory Challanges"
Dr. Hermann H. Hollmann, Managing Director, Ford-Werke GmbH "Automobilindustrie im Wandel"
March 20/21, 2009

Professor John Palfrey, Harvard Law School

"Generation Internet"

Dr. Maximilian Schiessl, LL.M. ’86, Partner, Hengeler Mueller (Düsseldorf)

"M&A im jetzigen wirtschaftlichen Umfeld“

March 7/8, 2008 Professor Harry S. Martin, Harvard Law School

"From Spoils of War to Cultural Heritage: The Evolution of Cultural Property Protection in International Law"

Professor Thomas W. Wälde, LL.M. ’73, University of Dundee

"Strategie und Taktik in der internationalen Investitions-Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit – mit einigen Bemerkungen zur Entscheidung Fraport v. The Philippines des ICSID
(International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes) "

March 16/17, 2007

Professor Howell Jackson, Harvard Law School

"Variations in Regulatory Intensity: The Implications for EU - US Regulatory Cooperation"

Professor Dr. Dr. hc. Jürgen Basedow , LL.M. ’81, Director of the Max-Planck-Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Hamburg; Chairman of the German Monopoly Commission

"Funktionswandel des Internationalen Privatrechts in Europa"
March 17/18, 2006

Professor Dr. Reinier H. Kraakman, Harvard Law School


"Is Corporate Governance Converging? Corporate
Governance and the Globalization of Markets in Products, Capital and Managerial Talents"


Dr. Betsy Baker, Assistant Dean/Graduate Program, Harvard Law School


Report on recent developments at Harvard Law School

Professor Dr. Matthias Prinz, LL.M. ’83,
Partner, Prinz, Neidhardt, Engelschall (Hamburg)

"Defending corporations and their officers against libelous reports in the media"
March 11/12, 2005

Professor Peter L. Murray, Harvard Law School

„The American Legal System in the Global Legal Order – The influence of American law and legal institutions in the modern legal world“

Professor Dr. R. Alexander Lorz, LL.M. ’94, Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf


"American Security Policy after the Elections"

March 19/20, 2004

Professor Detlev Vagts, Harvard Law School

"German-American Interaction in Litigation – The Recent Controversies (e.g. forced labour cases, product liability litigation)"

Professor Dr. Gregor Thüsing, LL.M. ’98, Bucerius Law School, Hamburg


"Amerikanisierung des europäischen Arbeitsrechts?
Amerikanische Vorbilder und europäische Vorgaben zu Diskriminierungsverboten im Arbeitsrecht"

March 21/22, 2003

Judge Theodor Meron, LL.M. ’55, S.J.D. ’57, NYU Law Schoo

"The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: The Evolution of an International Judicial Body"

March 23/24, 2001

Professor Charles Fried, Harvard Law School

"Legal Issues in the Supreme Courts’ December 2000 Decisions in the Election Cases, and the Political Implications of the Supreme Court’s Involvement in the Election"

Dr. Andreas Girsberger, Zürich, LL.M. ’56

"Highlights aus dem Anwaltsleben eines Harvardianers in Zürich mit besonderem Bezug auf Deutschland"

March 25/26, 2000

Professor Paul C. Weiler, Harvard Law School

"The Appropriate Treatment of Violence on the Screen and International Trade in Cultural Products"

Antonio La Pergola,
LL.M. ’55, Judge of the European Court of Justice

"Equality between Men and Women in the Army:  The Tanja Kreil Case"
March 19/20, 1999

Professor Hal S. Scott, Harvard Law School

„When the Euro falls apart“

Chiara Zilioli-Fabritius,
LL. M. ’90 (European Central Bank


"Irrevocable Union: The Euro and the International Role of the European Central Bank"

March 20/21, 1998

Professor Peter L. Murray, Harvard Law School

“Can we reform American civil procedure by adapting ideas from German civil procedure?”

Professor Dr. Scheuch (1962-64: Harvard Faculty of Arts & Sciences

“Entwicklungstendenzen in den U. S. A.“
March 14/15, 1997

Professor Arthur T. von Mehren, Harvard Law School


„Should Plaintiffs Seek Out Defendants: The Contemporary Standing of Actor Sequitur Forum Rei


Dr. Günther Schulz,
LL.M. ’61

“Reflections of a law school graduate on the German role in international financial organizations”
March 15/16, 1996

Professor Anne-Marie Slaughter, Harvard Law School

„Lawyers without Borders“

Dr. Helmut Drück, LL.M. ’63

„Die Deutsche Mediathek als nationales Programm-Museum für Radio und Fernsehen“
March 17/18, 1995

Professor Robert H. Mnookin, Harvard Law School

“Why negotiations fail”

Professor Dr. Dr. hc. Dieter Grimm, LL.M. ’65, Judge of the German Federal Supreme Court (Bundesver­fas­sungs­gericht)

“Verrechtlichung und Entrechtlichung – neue Entwicklungen des Rechtsstaats”

March 4/5, 1994

Dean Robert C. Clark, Harvard Law School
Professor Abram Chayes, Harvard Law School


“International Environmental Law since Rio”

David J. Herman, JD ’71 (then Chairman of the Management Board (Vorstand) of Adam Opel AG) there is no record of the topic of David Herman’s luncheon speech